The Internet of Things (IoT) "Changing The Way Things are Done"

Wireless IoT Devices leverage movement, location, custom events and sensor information to automatically increase productivity

Machine to Machine Automated Wireless National Tracking

A Cloud-based IoT asset tracking platform to better control resources by working smarter and faster

Customizeable IoT Devices, Multiple Integrated Network Solutions Insure Low Power, Low Cost, Low Field Maintenance

Smart IoT devices with a Last Mile wireless network solution will extend your internet information system to take advantage of a Smart City World
Long Range

Last Mile provides ubiquitous population coverage, long range gateways

Low Power

Last Mile connectivity offers ultra low-power connectivity, enabling IoT devices to last 10+ years.

Great Value

Last Mile enabled IoT asset tracking devices and subscriptions are better value and function than 2G or 3G cellular solutions.

Simple & Open

Last Mile is based on simplicity, from IoT device design to any customer platform via open API integration.

Industrial Design

Last Mile IoT devices are waterproof, tamper proof and provide multiple IoT sensor monitors.

Reliable IoT Location Services

Last Mile insures location accuracy with GPS and WiFi GEO.

Over the Air Firmware

Last Mile network management protects the IoT device investment.

Reliable & Secure

Last Mile IoT networks are designed with redundancy and have built-in security mechanisms.

Last Mile EdgeIT Multi-function SigFox Asset Tracker

The Last Mile EdgeIT is a low power connected water and tamper proof IoT device designed to leverage the capabilities of the Sigfox IoT Network. It includes several sensors to monitor, measure and report data via API, web, or mobile applications. The IoT device utilizies Sigfox IoT Network, WiFi connections or Bluetooth for data communication. The EdgeIT OS can be configured to monitor and report multiple IoT sensor data types, location modes and is equiped with a firmware OS capable of "Over the Air" updates via WiFi.

Last Mile EdgeM1 WiFi 4G CAT-M1/NB1 Cellular Tracker

The Last Mile EdgeM1 is a compact battery powered, IP67 IoT tracking device. Perfect for monitoring small assets or in a concealed location.

The IoT device uses a WiFi sniffer to detect nearby access points and receive signal strength. These values are used to triangulate position allowing for a great at home or indoor tracking.

Industrial IoT Asset Tracking

Implementing connected IoT devices can cause various user related problems when manageability, cost, and usability are considered. When assets are moved from one location to another, you may face increased network roaming fees or experience carrier coverage issues. When data is sent over cellular networks using GPS signals for location, they are often lost if GPS devices are indoors.

Last Mile Technology has broken the barriers raised by traditional IoT tracking technologies: price, battery life, and coverage. We offer low cost and low power connectivity service over either a global radio frequency by Sigfox IoT Network, or 4G technology with AT&T's Cellular IoT Network. Discover a whole new set of Last Mile Technology solutions for asset based tracking:

  • Ensure the recovery of lost or stolen assets
  • Control the quality of delivery (including SLA, humidity, temperature, shock)
  • Identify the responsibility of assets and localization off premises

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IoT Asset Tracking

Track your assets using the Sigfox IoT network. Whether your assets are traveling across seas from port to port, across acres of land, throughout a large campus, or within a one-building facility, Sigfox IoT network enables insight into where your assets are located.

Tracking assets that do not have a high value or high price tag may not seem economical, but to Sigfox all goods are valuable. Our low cost connectivity and long device battery life has broken down the barriers of IoT asset tracking and allows no goods to be left behind.

Industry assets you should consider tracking on Sigfox IoT Network

  • Agriculture: Machinery, Livestock
  • Supply Chains & Logistics: Packages, Pallets, Containers, Vehicles
  • Facilities Management: Equipment, Employees
  • Healthcare: Employees, Medical equipment and devices, Utilities, Equipment and tools, Remote Employees
  • Manufacturing: Equipment, large and small scale, Shipping and receiving
  • Retail: Shopping Carts, Shipping & Receiving

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IoT Asset Monitoring

What if you could know the condition of your assets? Whether your asset is a city, a building, a container or goods within a container, or a remote employee Sigfox enables status insights. Get conditional updates from your assets such as temperature, humidity, shock level, occupancy, consumption, lumens, fill level, power on or off, and more. These small updates are what Sigfox was designed to provide to enterprises and industries. Examples of IoT asset monitoring on the Sigfox IoT network

  • IoT Temperature Sensor: Industrial refrigerators & freezers, Cold chain, Farmland microclimates, Facilities
  • IoT Humidity Sensor: Cold Chain, Air Conditioners, Storage facilities, Farms
  • IoT Shock Level Detector: Containers, Machinery, Fault Lines
  • IoT Occupancy Sensor: Parking Spaces, Conference Rooms
  • IoT Consumption Monitor: Water, Energy, Lighting
  • IoT Fill Level Monitor: Trash Bin, Dumpster, Donation Bin, Tanks; bulk, fuel, water, pressurized Silos
  • Functionality: Defibrillator, Smoke detection
  • Miscellaneous Monitoring: Stress level in animals, Rainfall, Acceleration, Soil moisture, Leaks, Water Salinity

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Who We Are?

About Last Mile Technology.

At Last Mile Technology our professional team, with over one hundred combined years of industry experience, is dedicated to our vision of bringing agnostic technological innovation to IoT device manufacture, data collection and IoT network integration. We believe in the strength of reputation through quality, reliability, and building relationships on confidence and success.

Last Mile Technology offers a proprietary asset movement and sensor event analysis service which combines the very best in IoT device hardware with cutting edge, purpose built software applications which collect and auto-analyse data from multiple projects of unlimited scale at any one time and provides end clients with presentation online, on mobile applications or via enterprise API integration to visualise their asset movement or monitored decision data. We have successfully created leading IoT network based hardware and software solutions, including the IoT deployment of National Asset Tracking Systems, Facility Sensor Movement Solutions, Personal Apparel and Pet Location Alert Systems.

Our mission is to provide IoT data collection solutions and present them more efficiently, more accurately and more cost effectively. We are creating a leading brand of IoT data collection solutions our clients from public or private sectors, domestic or worldwide can utilize to make or save money.

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